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When most people hear 'monkey' they don't think of Web Hosting! This is where The Web Hosting King steps in! We believe that monkeys enjoy working with computers, and it would be foolish not to utilise their untapped potential! In the burgeoning world of monkey-driven synergystic Web Hosting, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront, and bringing you all the benefits that this amazing new world has to offer!

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Welcome to The Web Hosting King

If you are looking for affordable Web Hosting with amazing service and 99% uptime then you are looking at the right place. We even offer the fictitious ASP.NET 8.5 and the yet to be released ASP.NET 9.5 and all of their amazing non-existing features! We are also undergoing beta testing for Visual Studio Expless 2010, so look out for future developments! The world of SQL2010 and SQL2012 IS UPON US! Will the Apocolypse be programmed on these languages!? Only time will tell!!

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This Month's specials!!

Well this month is a special one!
We have 2 for 1 hosting for all of our packages including Lousy, Dodgy and Awesome packages. And if you enter the vouchercode:monkeymagic when signing up you will get a free copy of the latest album from Permanent Mysterium! And a signed copy of a band photo by the entire band!!

All New!

Hot off the Press! The all-new ASP.NET 18.4 will be implemented into our servers over the next 48 months. It's non-existant features include mind-reading, multiple primate load balancing, centrifugal oct-core processors, clustered primate implementations with a single click and randomised leisure gating.

Try Us Out for free!

All you need to do is transfer all of your files over to us, and if you are unsatisfied with the level of service from our Primates Development Team or PTD, we will gladly refund your initial payment*. THE WEBHOSTING KING- Making your dreamz a reality!